9, Anzac Street, Dartmouth Devon TQ6 9DL   01803 833297

Ebb Boutique Hair Salon

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Orofluido Hair Products For The Discerning Client

Dartmouth Hair Salon For Discerning Clients


Welcome to Ebb Boutique a leading specialist Hair Salon in Dartmouth, where the focus of the business is to offer all our clients, a satisfying experience each and every visit, tailored to their specific wishes.

At Ebb Boutique we appreciate the expectations of our discerning clients that is why we go to great lengths to ensure we use the finest products for your hair, this includes continual training  to maintain our high standards, so we can deliver the service you expect.

Choosing the ideal hair salon in Dartmouth will always come down to personal choice however we strongly believe our ethos as a company, is to continually strive for 100 percent client satisfaction, which helps us to meet the aspirations of even the most demanding client.

From the latest iconic hair style for ladies or gents to the more traditional cut, we are sure you will appreciate the finer touches that we offer as standard to all our clients, which is endorsed as the only appointed  Revlon International  Salon and Great Lengths stockist in Dartmouth.

We are proud of our association and our authorised licenses with the following excellent market leaders of hair fashion.

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